Religious education courses list.

If you're interested in studying religion in Australia, here is a list of university courses where you can learn more about Christianity and other religions.

The courses on the list may or may not look at contemporary Christian music. We hope they do. Christian music is a way of educating people about the messages of God. More importantly, it encourages people, particularly young Christians, to be passionate about their faith.

Online Religious Studies

Distance education is a convenient way of getting a degree in Religious Studies. You normally don't have to attend campus at all. So studying online lets you take a course no matter how far from the university you are.

The courses deal with the study of religion as opposed to theology. Theological courses are almost always based on campus (because they are more Church and faith orientated).

UNE Studies in Religion (Arts Major)

The University of New England is a specialist distance education university that offers Arts degrees with a major in Studies in Religion (at undergraduate and postgraduate levels). The courses cover the major religions and there are advanced units in Christianity.

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Religious Studies Courses

Religious Studies is a classic humanities subject that is often available within the arts programs of universities. Although individual units may focus on a specific religion, courses typically examine and compare multiple religions.

On-campus courses in Religious Studies are offered by many universities but not all. Here is a selection of some of the most popular Religious Studies programs in Australia.

ACU Study of Religions (Arts Minor)

Australian Catholic University's Study of Religions is concerned with the diversity of religious experience and expression in different belief systems. It meets the needs of future teachers seeking employment in Australian Catholic and Christian schools.

UQ Study in Religions (Arts Major)

The University of Queensland has Australia's largest religious studies unit. Undergraduate and postgraduate students do courses in the major world religions, applying the methods developed by historians, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and linguists.

Monash Religion and Theology Studies (Arts Major)

Monash University offers many Arts units that examine different religious traditions, as interpreted both in the past and in the contemporary world. There is also a focus on spiritual issues in specific religious traditions, namely Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Religious Education Courses

Religious Education courses are specifically designed for students who want to teach religion, particularly in primary and secondary schools. Religion may be taught as part of a Christian education or other faith-based curriculum, or as part of a broader religious studies program.

Australian Catholic University

ACU Postgraduate Religious Education

Australian Catholic University offers postgraduate Religious Education courses for qualified teachers who want to teach religion at primary and secondary levels. They include a Master of Religious Education (1 year full time) and half-year Certificate courses.

Ministry and Theology Courses

Ministry and Theology courses are faith-based and typically linked to a Church and its religious practitioners. They prepare students for entering the clergy and for academic careers.

Australian Catholic University.

ACU Theology Degrees

Australian Catholic University offers Theology degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students can pursue an in-depth program of studies in scripture, theology and philosophy, or a broader program involving disciplines such as liberal arts, business and psychology.

Notre Dame Theology Degrees

Notre Dame University Australia offers Theology degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Through the study of Theology, people develop the skills to examine Scripture and Tradition so as to improve their understanding of Catholic faith.

Divinity Theology and Ministry Degrees

The University of Divinity offers Theology and Ministry Degrees (at undergraduate and postgraduate levels) in several Christian denominations. Key disciplines are Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Church History, Mission and Ministry.