The 2024 Australian tour by for KING & COUNTRY has been a spectacular success. Fans across the country have enjoyed unforgettable performances filled with energy, emotion, and top-notch musicianship.

From Brisbane to Sydney and Perth, Joel and Luke Smallbone have shown why they are one of the most beloved acts in contemporary Christian music.

Here, we’ve compiled reviews from some of the standout shows on their tour, showcasing the band’s incredible live presence and the unforgettable experiences they’ve created for their fans.

Does for KING & COUNTRY Put on a Good Concert?

Joel Smallbone, Melbourne Australia 2024

For KING & COUNTRY’s concerts have been described as “spectacular” and “memorable” by reviewers. Justin Rouillon praised their Brisbane show, noting the band’s “interaction with the audience and heartfelt messages.” He felt the concert was a “memorable homecoming.” The emotional performances, especially “Unsung Hero,” left the crowd “buzzing, eager for the next opportunity to see for KING & COUNTRY live.”

Grace Stokes highlighted the duo’s dynamic stage presence and emotional depth in Sydney. She described the show as “gargantuan,” with powerful moments like “Fight On, Fighter” and the intimate “Pioneers.” She said the band brought “such energy, hope, happiness, and a sense of camaraderie and purpose,” making the concert unforgettable.

Sam Vigus echoed these sentiments in Perth. He called the performance “spectacular” and praised the band’s ability to create an intimate atmosphere despite the large venue. Vigus noted the band’s “dynamic stage presence” and their moving testimony. He concluded that the night’s performance was a testament to their dedication to fans and their mission to spread hope and faith.

Justin Rouillon

Venue: Brisbane Entertainment Centre
City: Brisbane, Monday 3 June 2024
Audience Size: Almost 10,000

for King + Country delivered an electrifying performance at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, with an audience of almost 10,000. Opening with an amped-up version of their 2021 hit “Relate,” the energy in the room was palpable as the band immediately connected with their fans.

The setlist featured crowd favourites such as “Fix My Eyes” and “Fight On, Fighter,” and the production values were top-notch. A standout moment of the night was when the band performed “Unsung Hero,” creating an emotional high point for both the band and the audience.

The concert concluded with a powerful rendition of John Farnham’s “You’re the Voice” and for King + Country’s version of “Little Drummer Boy,” leaving fans in awe. The band’s interaction with the audience and heartfelt messages made this concert a memorable homecoming. The crowd left buzzing, eager for the next opportunity to see for King + Country live.

About the Reviewer: Justin Rouillon is a music journalist writing for 96.5FM, with a passion for live performances and over a decade of experience covering the music scene.

Grace Stokes

Venue: ICC Sydney
City: Sydney, 31 May 2024

for King & Country delivered an outstanding performance at the ICC Sydney, with the dramatic entrance setting the tone for the night. The band kicked off with “Relate,” instantly engaging the audience with their energetic and perfectly harmonised vocals. The stage, filled with a myriad of instruments, promised a gargantuan show that did not disappoint.

The setlist included hits like “Fix My Eyes” and “Fight On, Fighter,” with the brothers showcasing their musical prowess and heartfelt connection with the audience. A standout moment was the performance of “Unsung Hero,” dedicated to their parents, which created an emotional high point. The inclusion of their wives’ voices in “Pioneers” added a beautiful, personal touch to the night.

The concert concluded with the iconic “Drummer Boy,” featuring an epic percussion session that left the audience in awe. Joel and Luke’s interaction with the crowd and their heartfelt messages throughout the evening made it a memorable and emotional homecoming. The production level, musicianship, and showmanship were world-class, leaving fans forever changed.

About the Reviewer: Grace Stokes is passionate about the positive impact live music can have on the community and champions artists through her reviews. She writes for scenestr, Australia’s largest entertainment print media group.

Jonathan Andre

Venue: ICC Theatre
City: Sydney, 31 May 2024
Audience Size: Sold Out

for KING & COUNTRY delivered a stellar live music set experience at the ICC Theatre in Sydney on May 31st. The concert, part of their Homecoming Tour, showcased Joel and Luke’s exceptional energy, hope, and camaraderie. With a setlist featuring 25 tracks, including new additions like “Relate,” “Love Me Like I Am,” and “Unsung Hero,” the duo captivated the audience from start to finish.

The night’s highlights included emotional renditions of “God Only Knows” and “Burn The Ships,” with the band addressing themes of loneliness, hope, and perseverance. The inclusion of personal songs like “Cheering You On” added depth to the performance. A special moment came when the brothers spoke about Compassion International and their biopic movie, “Unsung Hero,” further connecting with the audience.

Overall, the concert was a powerful and moving experience, blending energetic performances with heartfelt messages. The band’s vulnerability and dedication to their fans shone through, making it an unforgettable night. The ICC Theatre experience was one for the memory books, leaving the audience enthralled and inspired.

About the Reviewer: Jonathan Andre is a dedicated music reviewer and site administrator for 365 Days Of Inspiring Media. He has a passion for live concerts and enjoys sharing his experiences with fellow music enthusiasts.

Sam Vigus

Venue: RAC Arena
City: Perth, 20 May 2024

for KING & COUNTRY delivered a spectacular performance at RAC Arena in Perth on May 20th, marking their first show in Australia in five years. The multi-Grammy award-winning duo, Joel and Luke Smallbone, along with their talented band, played a diverse setlist featuring classics, new originals, and covers from their “Unsung Hero” movie soundtrack. The concert concluded with an incredible rendition of “Little Drummer Boy,” adding a touch of Christmas magic to the night.

The duo’s dynamic stage presence was highlighted as they moved from the main stage to a smaller stage in the middle of the arena and weaved through the crowd multiple times, creating an intimate and memorable experience for everyone. Their heartfelt performance and moving testimony about their family’s journey from Australia to the United States added depth to the show, as they shared their story of struggle and God’s provision.

Sonshine was pleased to partner with CMAA in bringing for KING & COUNTRY to Australia and looks forward to hosting more talented Christian musicians and bands in the future. The night’s performance was a testament to the band’s dedication to their fans and their mission to spread hope and faith through their music.

About the Reviewer: Sam Vigus is a passionate music journalist for Sonshine, dedicated to covering live performances and sharing inspiring stories from the music industry.

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